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The Elevent Difference

Your customers are not generic. What you do is not generic. Your admissions platform shouldn't be a generic ticketing system. Creating specialized admissions platforms is what sets Elevent apart.

Our Solutions

An Elevent solution is crafted around your entire customer lifecycle. From the way it integrates into your brand, the customer transaction, through the event itself, Elevent is intuitive for your customers and staff--in ways only a specialized solution can be. Backed by project teams and a community of admissions experts in your particular field, if there is an Elevent solution for your type of organization, Elevent is the clear choice.



None of us is as influential as all of us. Why compete when you can combine? We consider usability a product of our client's experience. By fostering an engaged user community, we constantly improve our products.


Service First

First we listen. We design into Elevent what alleviates real problems. When unexpected issues arise, we make it a priority resolve them in the best and quickest way possible, keeping you in the know throughout. We cannot be happy if you aren't happy.


Note to Self: Disrupt Self

Our work is never finished. The Elevent platform is being constantly improved, hardened, protected, and sped up. When advances in technology open up new opportunities in our solution, we will be among the first to embrace what's next.